Web Design and Support

Full support for new or existing sites. New additions, pages, graphics or features. Need a tweak, we can help!

Custom WordPress Sites

WordPress is a well known and widely used content management system web platform. Easy to use and maintain. While it may not be the most secure right out of the box, we can help lock down and make your site secure. WordPress utilizes many custom themes and plugins to create a unique and user friendly website. WordPress has frequent updates and patches which lets you know that the developers are committed in supporting a feature rich and well secured platform.

Existing Websites

Do you have an existing website but don't know how to edit the code? We support many types of existing platforms ranging from CMS or straight HTML coding. We can help you take back control of your own site so you do not have to reply on any 3rd party administrator for simple adds or tweaks.

Full Turn Key Solution

Turn Key means that when our project is completed, you won;t have to call us back. We stay with you and teach you what you need to know in order for you to become your own webmaster. How to update, how to edit the code, how to maintain features, how to add pages....anything you want to learn, we will teach you!